Interacting with EPFL's Tequila in Python

The Swiss Federal Instituts for Technology (EPFL) uses a centralized login system for all its web application, called Tequila. Since I sometimes write webscrapers for some school services (with the help of @gcmalloc), I created a simple python package to handle authentification.

This package is now available on the Python Package Index, so you can get it by simply running pip install tequila-sessions (You probably want to do it inside a virtualenv). This module only export one functions create_tequila_session, which can be used as follows:

# Prings the logged-in homepage of Moodle
import tequila
import getpass


session = tequila.create_tequila_session(USER, getpass.getpass())
page = session.get("").text

Hope some of you find this useful!